Class Descriptions

Our Class Descriptions


All levels Vinyasa

This is a yoga flow based class using dynamic movement and linking it with breath.  It is infused with intention, breathing and meditation.  Suitable for beginners and advanced students.  Class will include sun salutations and basic standing postures.  The emphasis is on strength, flexibility, stamina, and  mindfulness.  This practice offers a deeper connection with your physical and energetic body.

Beginning Yoga

This class is designed for beginning students.  It is a mixture of learning, challenge and working at your own pace.  Students are encouraged to listen to their own mind / body dialogue to find strength and ease in each pose.  Class may include the practice of pranayama (breath) work, and asana ( body movement) to bring them together in different poses to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and form.

All Levels Hatha

This class allows students to work at varying levels of intensity and explore different variations of the same yoga postures (Asana). This style of yoga encourages a heathy mind-body connection. Meditation, breathing, and movement are often included in this class.

Gentle Hatha/Restorative

This class is designed to gently warm the body with beginning yoga poses for the first twenty to thirty minutes while the second half of class utilizes restorative postures to deeply relax and calm the mind and body. It provides stillness, recovery, relaxation, and personal connection.

Body Positive Yoga

This basic level yoga class is an empowering yoga class geared toward self acceptance and body positivity. The class uses beginning sequences and adapted poses to work with your body exactly as it is.  If you struggle with body shaming, low self esteem, feeling as though you are not enough– this class is for you. Let Yoga guide you as you fall in love with your body NOW.

No Fee Community Yoga at World of Nutrition

Yoga 430 has teamed up with World of Nutrition to bring yoga to downtown Nampa.  This no fee beginner’s option is offered every Monday in Nampa’s downtown at the beautiful World of Nutrition.   It focuses on teaching basic yoga postures, healthy alignment of the spine, as well as strengthening the musculature that supports the body. If you have been wanting to begin a yoga practice to reap all of the health benefits that yoga has to offer, this class is for you!   

Detox Yoga at World of Nutrition

Yoga 430 has teamed up with World of Nutrition to bring yoga to downtown Nampa. This class is made to get all the junk out.  Twists, turns, and holding poses support a detoxification of major systems in the body. This class is offered every Wednesday at World of Nutrition in Downtown Nampa.

All Levels Yin

Yin yoga uses asanas to get into the body and find the deep body stretch needed to enhance overall health. Yin is accessible to all levels of ability due to the simplicity of the practice. Simple does not necessarily mean easy as concise poses are held for longer periods to achieve strength and mindfulness.  This practice is to restore and energize and will compliment many other workouts.

Strength Yoga

Strength yoga combines yoga teachings with the intent of getting you flexible for your sport to minimize injury and create an unbelievable core and balance strength. Great addition for the athlete’s weekly routine.

Guided Meditation

Yoga 430 offers guided meditation at various times throughout the year.  This class is a basic meditation class for beginners or intermediate meditators.  Instructors provide guided prompts and teachings around breathing techniques, postures, and practices. The class includes guided practices using various meditation structures.  All are welcome!

Saturday Morning Yoga

Make a difference in your weekend by starting it with Saturday morning yoga. Teachers alternate to give you a chance to get to know more styles of yoga and experience different types of practices. Check schedule each week to see who is teaching.



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