Our Class Descriptions


Sunrise Yoga

Morning Vinyasa flow that focuses on gently waking up the body and mind.  This practice combines fluid movements with postures, breathing and dynamic movement.   As the sun rises you can wake up gently and leave with vitality for your day. 

All levels Vinyasa

This is a yoga flow based class using dynamic movement and linking it with breath.  It is infused with intention, breathing and meditation.  Suitable for beginners and advanced students.  Class will include sun salutations and basic standing postures.  The emphasis is on strength, flexibility, stamina, and  mindfulness.  This practice offers a deeper connection with your physical and energetic body.

Beginning Hatha

This class is designed for beginning students.  It is a mixture of learning, challenge and working at your own pace.  Students are encouraged to listen to their own mind / body dialogue to find strength and ease in each pose.  Class may include the practice of pranayama (breath) work, and asana ( body movement) to bring them together in different poses to develop strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and form.


This class is for the beginning  student. The basic class will be done at a gentle pace in order to learn the foundational poses of yoga.  Students will learn the principals of alignment and how to use the breath throughout a yoga flow.   Poses will be broken down  and modifications will be given to help you build strength, flexibility, balance and confidence in order to enter an All Levels Vinyasa class.  Basic breathing and meditation techniques will be introduced.