Valentines Partner Yoga

A Love-Inspired Yoga Class for you and your LOVE

February 17th   2 pm-3:30 pm

$35 per couple
$30 with membership
Space is limited

Enjoy a glass of sparkling cider or champagne and strawberries before class!
In this LOVE-ly month of February, bring along your sweetie or a pal to join in a partner themed yoga class at Yoga 430. We’ll have a warm studio to heat up the flow a bit as we move through a yoga sequence that incorporates some playfulness and connection with our partner. And, of course, with a great playlist to accompany and inspire our practice! Lindsey will tap into her therapist nature to throw in some insightful relationship concepts to consider as you breathe with, lean on, and support your partner throughout the class. Beginner yogis welcome! We’ll be keeping it simple but meaningful.