Welcoming Wellness Series

Welcoming Wellness!   

A January Workshop Series at Yoga 430.

Saturdays 10:30am – 12:30pm

Cost $30 each or $25 for members

** While the classes are closely aligned and are designed to build off of each other, they are designed to stand on their own and may be attended as a single class or as a series.  Choose which class or combo of classes works for you!



January 6: Energizing Intentions

Join Lindsey McConnell-Soong, LCPC 200RYT, for a fusion of introspective journaling, guided visualization, and a unifying yoga practice – all focused on your needs/desires for a fantastic 2018!

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January 13: Meditation for Wellness in 2018

This 2-hour workshop with Linda Holloway 500RYT will guide you through the basics of meditation, explain its benefits for overall wellness, and apply the practice to your intention-setting for the New Year. We all know how easy it is to get distracted from our initial goals. Join us in creating a simple and accessible personal practice to keep on your chosen path!

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January 20: New Perspectives In Weight Loss: An Integrated Approach Through Research, Self-Wisdom, and Yoga Theory

Kevin Allen, Boise City Firefighter and Wellness Enthusiast, teams up with Lindsey McConnell-Soong, LCPC 200RYT, to offer new perspectives on weight loss through nutrition, fitness, and self-compassion. Education, Discussion, Journaling, and Integrated Yoga/Meditation sequences create a safe and supportive environment to explore new ideas, identify personal challenges, and set healthy intentions.

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January 27: Self Compassion & Yoga on the Pathway to Change

Janelle Stauffer & Lindsey McConnell Soong are a Therapist/Yogi pair who have seen first hand the detriments of negative self talk and self criticism. They have also seen the transformation from self compassion and yoga in bringing lasting change from overcoming severe trauma to decreasing anxiety.  Join them in this 2 hour wellness workshop that will combine teaching, movement, meditation, and yoga to cultivate the self love needed to reach your goals for 2018. 

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