Yoga for Grief, Anxiety, & Depression

October 1, 2016 1 pm-4pm


$75 early registration by September 22nd
$99 regular registration after September 22nd. 
10% discount given to members! 

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Grief, anxiety and depression are thought to be emotional in nature, when in fact they also have specific physical symptoms. These emotions may be a normal
reaction to loss or other circumstances, but that doesn’t make them any easier to go through. These states of mind are different but some of the same healing and coping methods apply.
This Yoga for Grief and Loss Workshop will offer techniques that are instrumental in helping individuals move through the pain of loss, anxiety, and depression. It will address strong emotions and challenges by working with
your mind, body and breath to bring you back towards center. A format of discussion and education will be combined with yoga and facilitated writing. Time will be spent learning about and exploring these conditions in group format with
Janelle Stauffer, Licensed Clinical Social Worker. Erika Putnam, DC will provide guided prompts for exploration through writing. Julia Jones, RYT 500, will provide a specialized yoga class designed to relieve tension, connect with your body, allow restoration and healthy self-care. The entire workshop will be a safe nurturing environment to address and experiences moving through these challenging emotions.




Circle Group

Tuesdays 7:30-8:45pm

5 week group

October 18– November 15th

Maximum of 10 participants

$115 Early Registration By September 30, $125 Regular Registration after September 30. 

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In indigenous societies, coming together in a circle has been as natural as sitting around a fire and reflecting on shared concerns.  It inspires a different quality of conversation.  People tell stories and share experiences speaking and listening from the heart.


The circle process brings these qualities into modern experience.  Circles offer a different way of dealing with the challenges of every day life as well as responding to the larger challenges we face.  Circles help you learn how to “be in a good way” with each other, and they give us a place and time to practice this positive way of being. Circle is a place where we can share what is going on with us, whatever that may be.  Participating in circle is inherently transformative because we experience the world from more perspectives than our own. 


Principals of Circle:

  • Circles draw on our best values
  • Circles help us respond from one’s best self
  • Circles build community
  • Circles create a space for deep listening and being heard
  • Circles generate mutual understanding and respect
  • Circles honor all voices and equality
  • Circles make decisions by consensus
  • Circles cultivate mutual support
  • Circles on the gifts, knowledge, talents, and experiences that each participant brings.

The goal of this 5 week circle group is to bring together individual who wish to engage and explore fresh possibilities for connection, personal development, honest communication, and mutual understating.